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  • A Special chicken pie

    Your favorite chicken pie with a twist We all know Rosanna Pansino knows her food. But it looks like she took things to the next level this week with a scary tweak to the classic pie dish. Pirates aren’t only in the movie theatre¬†it seems – there could be one in your kitchen! Don’t let […] More

  • Fidget Spinners!!

    Is the wonder toy on the outs? You’ve seen them in the office. You’ve seen them in your kids’ school. Heck, you might even be playing with one now. Its an addictive, therapeautic time and this writer for one loves his fidget spinner. But could it be we’re already at the end of what some […] More

  • Messi Messi Messi!

    The Flea adds another chapter Can you believe it? At barely 5 feet tall, Lionel Messi is the smallest soccer player in the history of the universe. But that doesn’t mean he can’t play! He’s quick like a flea, earning him the nickname “La Pechuga,” or the flea! His nickname is in Spanish because he’s […] More

  • Bad guy gets what’s coming to him!

    Keep calm and walk on! We’ve all experienced it before: you’re driving along a city road, you come to an intersection, and you come across a jaywalker. Hey, no big deal right? They need to use the road to walk too. But what about those rude pedestrians who take it too far? Those are the […] More

  • What’s honey worth to you?

    These guys do what it takes to get honey! Would you? We all know bees make honey. That’s a given. But have you ever thought about how people get honey from the bees? Imagine walking into an active bee hive with thousands of killer bees – crazy right? Leave it to the guys over at […] More

  • The most satisfying snow video ever

    These guys came across a weather station in the middle of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Ice perfectly covered the fence. It is satisfying to see him break the ice fence. Share with the friends who you’d do this with. Snow sticks to the sides of a fence. Watch what happens at the end!¬†This was shot […] More

  • Remember your first birds and the bees conversation?

    And we thought it was hard telling our kids Santa isn’t real! Do you remember what you thought before your parents had that conversation (let us know in the comments). For me, I knew it had to do with the nether region, but I assumed it was a magic dust that transmitted between two people […] More